What you will learn

These are some of the main topics that you are going to learn during the course

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Kali Linux

  • Footprinting

  • Website Penetration Testing

  • Man in the Middle Attacks

  • Python Programming Fundamentals

  • Tips for Building a Career in Cyber Security

  • Unix Commands

  • Creating a Secure Environment

  • Scanning - Wireless Cracking - System Hacking - Coding Custom Pentesting Tools - And a ton more

Course Description

If you would like to learn ethical hacking in 2019, you are going to LOVE this course! We will cover the following topics:

  • How to setup a Linux system

  • Basic Unix system commands

  • How to create a secure penetration testing environment

  • Footprinting

  • Scanning

  • Website penetration testing

  • WPA2 wireless network cracking

  • Man in the middle attacks

  • System hacking

  • Python programming fundamentals

  • Writing our own pen-testing tools (reverse shell, keylogger and bruteforcer)

  • Tips for building a career in cyber security

This course was designed for absolute beginners, so no previous ethical hacking or programming knowledge is necessary. English subtitles are available and all lectures are downloadable for offline viewing. 1 on 1 assistance with the tutorials is available within the discussion forum.

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"Great course, beginner friendly. And most importantly, great instructor and great community."

"It's really detailed and helps you get started well!"

"Thank you for all the changes and all the new stuff you keep adding. I have more than a few ethical hacking courses and this is the best one, at least so far. I had my doubts when I got it due to it being so short but I am really happy that I did. Great job, keep it up!"

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in the course!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1

  • 2

    Section 2

    • Vid 20 (Scanning - Installing Metasploitable)
    • Vid 21 (Scanning - Nmap Part 1)
    • Vid 22 (Scanning - Nmap Part 2)
    • Vid 23 (Scanning - Nmap Part 3)
    • Vid 24 (Scanning - Zenmap)
    • Vid 25 (Scanning - TCP scans)
    • Vid 26 (Scanning - Nmap Bypassing Defences)
    • Vid 27 (Scanning - Nmap Scripts 1)
    • Vid 28 (Scanning - Nmap Scripts 2)
    • Vid 29 (Webpentest - Installing Owasp)
    • Vid 30 (Webpentest - HTTP request)
    • Vid 31 (Webpentest - HTTP Response)
    • Vid 32 (Webpentest - Burpsuite Configuration)
    • Vid 33 (Webpentest - Editing Packets in Burpsuite)
    • Vid 34 (Webpentest - Whatweb & Dirb)
    • Vid 35 (Webpentest - Password Recovery Attack)
    • Vid 36 (Webpentest - Burpsuite Login Bruteforce)
    • Vid 37 (Webpentest - Hydra Login Bruteforce)
    • Vid 38 (Webpentest - Session Fixation)
    • Vid 39 (Webpentest - Injection Attacks)
    • Vid 40 (Webpentest - Simple Command Injection)
    • Vid 41 (Webpentest - Exploiting Command Injection Vulnerability)
    • Vid 42 (Webpentest - Finding Blind Command Injection)
    • Vid 43 (Webpentest - Basics Of SQL)
    • Vid 44 (Webpentest - Manual SQL Injection Part 1)
    • Vid 45 (Webpentest - Manual SQL Injection Part 2)
    • Vid 46 (Webpentest - SQLmap basics)
    • Vid 47 (Webpentest - XML Injection)
    • Vid 48 (Webpentest - Installing XCAT and Preventing Injection Attacks)
    • Vid 49 (Webpentest - Reflected XSS)
    • Vid 49 (Webpentest - Reflected XSS)
    • Vid 50 (Webpentest - Stored XSS)
    • Vid 51 (Webpentest - Changing HTML Code with XSS)
    • Vid 52 (Webpentest - XSSer & XSSsniper)
    • Vid 53 (WPA2 Cracking - Wireless Attacks Theory)
    • Vid 54 (WPA2 Cracking - Putting Network Card in Monitor Mode)
    • Vid 55 (WPA2 Cracking - Capturing Handshake With Airodump)
    • Vid 56 (WPA2 Cracking - RockYou.txt)
    • Vid 57 (WPA2 Cracking - Cracking with Aircrack)
    • Vid 58 (WPA2 Cracking - Cracking with Hashcat)
    • Vid 59 (WPA2 Cracking - Making Password Lists WIth Crunch)
    • Vid 60 (WPA2 Cracking - Making Password Lists WIth Cupp)
    • Vid 61 (WPA2 Cracking - Rainbowtables Part 1)
    • Vid 62 (WPA2 Cracking - Rainbowtables Part 2)
    • Vid 63 (WPA2 Cracking - Installing Fluxion)
    • Vid 63 (WPA2 Cracking - Installing Fluxion)
    • Vid 64 (WPA2 Cracking - Finding and Cracking Hidden Network)
    • Vid 65 (WPA2 Cracking - Preventing Wireless Attacks)
    • Vid 66 (Man In The Middle - ARP Protocol Basics)
    • Vid 67 (Man In The Middle - MITM Attack Theory)
    • Vid 68 (Man In The Middle - Installing MITMf)
    • Vid 69 (Man In The Middle Attack - Manual Arpspoofing)
    • Vid 70 (Man In The Middle Attack - Problems While Installing MITMf)
    • Vid 71 (Man In The Middle Attack - HTTP Traffic Sniffing)
    • Vid 72 (Man In The Middle Attack - DNS Spoofing and HTTPS Password Sniffing)
    • Vid 73 (Man In The Middle Attack - Hooking Browsers With BEEF)
    • Vid 74 (Man In The Middle Attack - Screenshotting Targets Browser)
    • Vid 75 (Man In The Middle Attack - Cloning Any Webpage)
    • Vid 76 (Man In The Middle Attack - Ettercap Basics)
    • Vid 77 (System Hacking - MSFconsole Enviroment)
    • Vid 78 (System Hacking - Metasploit Modules Explained)
    • Vid 79 (System Hacking - Bruteforcing SSH with Metasploit)
    • Vid 80 (System Hacking - Attacking Tomcat With Metasploit)
    • Vid 81 (System Hacking - Getting Meterpreter With Command Injection)
    • Vid 82 (System Hacking - PHP Code Injection)
    • Vid 83 (System Hacking - 2 Metasploitable Exploits)
    • Vid 84 (System Hacking - Wine installation)
    • Vid 85 (System Hacking - Crafting Windows Payloads With Msfvenom)
    • Vid 86 (System Hacking - Encoders & Hexeditor)
    • Vid 87 (System Hacking - Windows 10 Meterpreter Shell)
    • Vid 88 (System Hacking - Meterpreter Enviroment)
    • Vid 89 (System Hacking - Windows 10 Privilege Escalation)
    • Vid 90 (System Hacking - Preventing Privilege Escalation)
    • Vid 91 (System Hacking - Post Exploitation Modules)
    • Vid 92 (System Hacking - Getting Meterpreter Over Internet With Port Forwarding)
    • Vid 93 (System Hacking - Eternalblue Exploit)
    • Vid 94 (System Hacking - Persistence Module)
    • Vid 95 (System Hacking - Hacking Over Internet With Ngrok)
    • Vid 96 (System Hacking - Android Device Attack With Venom)
    • Vid 97 (System Hacking - Real Hacking Begins Now!)
  • 3

    Section 3

    • Vid 98 (Python Basics - Variables)
    • Vid 99 (Python Basics - raw_input)
    • Vid 100 (Python Basics - IF ELSE statement)
    • Vid 101 (Python Basics - FOR loop)
    • Vid 102 (Python Basics - WHILE loop)
    • Vid 103 (Python Basics - Python Lists)
    • Vid 104 (Python Basics - Functions)
    • Vid 105 (Python Basics - Classes)
    • Vid 106 (Python Basics - Importing Libraries)
    • Vid 107 (Python Basics - Files in Python)
    • Vid 108 (Python Basics - Try and Except rule)
    • Vid 109 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Theory Behind Reverse Shell)
    • Vid 110 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Simple Server Code)
    • Vid 111 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Connection With Reverse Shell)
    • Vid 112 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Sending and Receiving Messages)
    • Vid 113 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Sending Messages With While True Loop)
    • Vid 114 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Executing Commands On Target System)
    • Vid 115 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Fixing Backdoor Bugs & Adding Functions)
    • Vid115.5 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Installing Pyinstaller)
    • Vid 116 (Coding Advance Backdoor - First Performance Test of Our Backdoor)
    • Vid 117 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Trying to Connect Every 20 seconds)
    • Vid 118 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Creating Persistence Part 1)
    • Vid 119 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Creating Persistence Part 2)
    • Vid 120 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Changing Directory)
    • Vid 121 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Uploading & Downloading Files)
    • Vid 122 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Downloading Files From Internet)
    • Vid 123 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Starting Programs From Our Backdoor)
    • Vid 124 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Capturing Screenshot On Target PC)
    • Vid 125 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Embedding Backdoor In Image Part 1)
    • Vid 126 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Embedding Backdoor In Image Part 2)
    • Vid 127 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Checking For Administrator Privileges)
    • Vid 128 (Coding Advance Backdoor - Adding Help Option)
    • Vid 129 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Importing Pynput)
    • Vid 130 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Simple Keylogger)
    • Vid 131 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Adding Report Function)
    • Vid 132 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Writing Keystrokes To a File)
    • Vid 133 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Adding Keylogger To Our Reverse Shell Part 1)
    • Vid 134 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Adding Keylogger To Our Reverse Shell Part 2)
    • Vid 135 (Creating Keylogger For Backdoor - Final Project Test)
    • Vid 136 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Printing Banner)
    • Vid 137 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Adding Available Options)
    • Vid 138 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Starting Threads For Bruteforce)
    • Vid 139 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Making Function To Run The Attack)
    • Vid 140 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Bruteforcing Router Login)
    • Vid 141 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Bypassing Antivirus With All Your Future Programs)
    • Vid 142 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Sending Malware With Spoofed Email)
    • Vid 143 (Basic Authentication Bruteforcer - Whats Next )

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Joseph Delgadillo

Joseph Delgadillo

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Pragadish Krishna

I really found this course very useful and informative and it helped me gain knowledge about the various areas in it.

Richard Amies

Superb. Very thorough and a wide spread of topics within the subject.

Elliot Lewis

It's really detailed and helps you get started well!

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This course does not hove any pre requisites and you can start the course if you have a computer with an internet connection. BUT there is one thing that totally depends on you: - We promise that the course contents are made in the best possible quality, what we cannot promise is that you are responsible for your learnings. You need to take time to follow the course and solve the challenges that are included in the course.

Course Requirements

- A computer - an internet connection - a passion for learning - nothing more, we covered everything else in the course, including the process of setting up the environment that you are going to work in, python programming language and all the tools that you are going to need along the way


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    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.


Richard Amies :

Superb. Very thorough and a wide spread of topics within the subject.

Yves Perron

this is worth much than 14.00$!Because there are a lot of information it is almost 5 course in one !However sometimes the code dont'work and iti is difficult to find the errors because ther is no transcript of the code !We must rerurn the video many times to find the part with the proper code!Time consuming and confusing!

Abid Hasan Muin

Yes I think it was a good match for me.

Prathap reddy

Best one i have ever seen... Learned a lot of new things

Ankush Kumar

I don't Know how other courses are of ethical hacking but this is from basics. Best thing is the he is good orator and binds you to the lecture you never feel boar.

Mithun Kumer Ghose

This is a great course. The instructor has a great knowledge in this field.

Tiago Dias

Thank you for all the changes and all the new stuff you keep adding. I have more than a few ethical hacking courses and this is the best one, at least so far. I had my doubts when I got it due to it being so short but I am really happy that I did. Great job, keep it up!

Shubham kushwaha

Thank you for giving the tutorial, I being a good experience with these tutorials.

Shner Elmo

Great course, beginner friendly. and most importantly great instructor and great community.

Rezwanul Hoque Chowdhury

I learn many things about Ethical hacking. Thank you Udemy for giving me opportunity.

Elliot Lewis

It's really detailed and helps you get started well!

Attharva Dholle

i think my decision was right i am enjoying this course and its really awesome man i would also recommend it to others to take this course.

Stuart Finlay

got to learn easy basic commands on kali linux. looks like fun.
Harold I.


this course make me know new things such as other os and tools for ethical hacking.

Arif Hussain

Nice course :) I recomendad everyone to check this course before move another, Thank you Joseph for your support :)

Gurparkash Singh

Yes, it's a good match for a beginner like me.

Mike T

right off the bat this is the course i have been looking for.

Jason Morin :

Easy to follow instructions.

Nataniel Rodríguez Venega :

I expect to learn so much !!!

Beny volfin : 

It is easy to understand.

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