What you will learn

These are some of the main topics that you are going to learn during the course

  • Complete Android App Development

  • Java Programming Language

  • SQLite and Room Databases

  • Google Firebase

  • Version Control with Git and GitHub

  • Publishing process

  • YouTube and Google Maps APIs

  • And much more

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Course Contents

Course Description

Learn EVERYTHING that you need for a successful career in Android App Development.

With more that 55 Hours of downloadable video tutorials you are going to become the master of Android app development.

This course starts from the very beginning, from Java and Object Oriented Programming and will help you in every step 

of your journey to reach to the level of publishing your first application in the play store.

Along the way you will learn:

  • Java Language

  • Designing reach User Interfaces

  • Debugging android applications

  • YouTube and Google Maps APIs

  • Databases

  • Content Providers

  • Networking in Android

  • Handling Background Tasks

  • Notifications

  • Version control with Git and GitHub

  • Tips for Publishing

And so much more concepts and topics

I beleive the best way to learn is by practicing, So during the course you will have a lot of challenges to solve; beside these challenges you will create 4 REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS, You can also include these applications in your portfolio.

The Course has no prerequisite and as long as you have a computer with an internet connection you can start the course right away.

See you in the course



Course curriculum

  • 2

    Java Core

    • Variables and Arithmetic Operators
    • Relational and Logical Operators - Conditional Statements
    • Loops
    • Challenge (Create a Game)
    • Simple Arrays
    • Object Oriented Programming - Part 1
    • Object Oriented Programming - Part 2
    • Object Oriented Programming - Part 3
    • Object Oriented Programming Challenge
    • Collections
    • Static Keyword - Inner Classes
    • Interfaces and Abstract Classes
    • Concurrency - Exceptions
    • Singleton Pattern
    • Challenge - Part 1
    • Challenge - Part 2
  • 3

    User Interfaces

    • User Interface Basics - Part 1
    • User Interface Basics - Part 2
    • User Interface Basics - Part 3
    • Layouts
    • Images
    • ListView and Spinner
    • Different XML Files - Part 1
    • Different XML Files - Part 2
    • Material Design
    • Snackbar and CardView
    • RecyclerView - Part 1
    • RecyclerView - Part 2
    • RecyclerView (Part 3) - Glide
    • Fonts
    • Challenge - Part 1
    • Challenge - Part 2
  • 4

    First Sample Application

    • Create App's First Page - Intents
    • Create Books RecyclerView
    • Expandable CardView
    • Book Activity
    • Create Utils Class
    • Add Books to Different Lists
    • Create a Delete Button
    • Show Your Website in a WebView
    • Animations - Up Button
    • Persist Data with Shared Preferences and Gson
    • Finish Rewriting Utils Class
  • 5

    Activities And Fragments

    • Activities
    • Activity LifeCycle - Bundle - SaveInstanceState
    • Send Messages - Capture Images - Permissions
    • Handle Permissions Correctly
    • Alarm Action - Calendar
    • Fragments
    • Callback Interfaces
    • Challenge - Gym Application (Part 1)
    • Challenge - Gym Application (Part 2)
    • Challenge - Gym Application (Part 3)
    • Challenge - Gym Application (Part 4)
  • 6

    Shortcuts and Debugging

    • Shortcuts in Android Studio
    • Exceptions - Logging - Basic Debugging
  • 7

    Handling Background Tasks

    • Threading And AsyncTask
    • Started Services
    • Bound Services
    • Job Scheduler
    • Work Manager
  • 8

    Networking in Android

    • News Reader Application - Part 1
    • News Reader Application - Part 2
    • News Reader Application - Part 3
    • Networking with Volley
    • Retrofit Basics - Part 1
    • Retrofit Basics - Part 2
    • Create a RESTful API with Spring Framework
  • 9

    Second Sample Application

    • Section Introduction
    • Create Navigation Drawer
    • BottomNavigationView - Shared Preferences
    • Sort Items in Main Fragment
    • Grocery Item Activity
    • Handle Rating
    • Add Review - Finish GroceryItemActivity
    • Search Activity
    • Handle Categories
    • First Cart Fragment
    • Second and Third Cart's Fragments
    • Upload Orders with Retrofit - Payment Result
    • Track User's Behaviour
    • Finalize the Application
  • 10

    YouTube and Google Maps API

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 11


    • Basic SQL Commands (Part 1)
    • Basic SQL Commands (Part 2)
    • Basic SQL Commands (Part 3)
    • Basic SQL Commands (Part 4)
    • Basic SQL Commands (Part 5)
    • SQL Commands Challenge
    • SQLiteOpenHelper - Cursors
    • Cursors - More Database Operations
    • onUpgrade - SQLite Database Challenge
    • Room Database (Part 1)
    • Room Database (Part 2)
    • Composition - Abstraction and Data Converters in Room Database
    • Relationships in Room Database
    • Room Database Challenge - Part 1
    • Room Database Challenge - Part 2
  • 12

    Content Providers

    • Calendar Content Provider (Part 1)
    • Insert Events with Calendar Content Provider
    • Contact's Content Provider (Part 1)
    • Contact's Content Provider (Part 2)
    • Search for Contacts - Delete Contacts
    • Add New Contact
  • 13


    • Notifications Basics
    • Actions for Notifications - Progress Notification
    • Large Text, Big picture and Inbox Styles
    • Media and Messaging Styles for Notifications
    • Group Notifications - Notifications Setting
    • Custom View for Notifications
  • 14


    • New videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 15

    Third Sample Application

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 16

    Working with Files

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 17

    Audio and Video Player

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 18

    Version Control (Git)

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 19

    Forth Sample Application (Final Project)

    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily
  • 20


    • New Videos Will Be Released Daily

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About the Instructor

Meisam Mansourzadeh

Professional Android Developer

Meisam Mansourzadeh

Experienced Android developer. I have studied pharmacy for 6 years but I'm passionate about tech world and it always excited me. I have created tens of android apps and I love to teach. I have been a pharmacist and an English teacher, but it's a few years now that I'm focused on android. Internet of things, game development (specially for PS4), web design, python and java, German language and philosophy are my other passions

What you will get with this Course

  • More than 55 Hours high quality videos

  • Full lifetime access

  • New videos and updates that will be added regularly

  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee

  • Access to all of the source codes and course materials

  • Available for offline watching

Who should take this course

In short everyone. This course has no pre-requisites, that means that you can start the course right away without any previous knowledge and experience in programming. There is a great potential in Android Development, You can create any kind of application that you want, you can bring your ideas to life. There is huge market for Android developers, After watching this course you can apply for a variety of job offers, both freelance and in place

Course Requirements

An Average Compute, an Internet connection and a passion for learning. That's all. We will talk about everything else in the course.


  • Can I issue a refund if I don't like the course?

    Yes, You have 30-Day Money-Back guarantee, and no matter what, you can issue a refund within one month

  • What is the programming language used in the course?


  • Is the course updated?

    Yes, All of the videos have been recorded in 2020. beside that I will keep this course updated with new videos for years to come

  • Are there challenges and practices in the course?

    Yes, a lot actually. My mission is to help you understand everything that you see in the course. So everywhere that is needed we have a challenge.

  • How Long is the course?

    Right now there are more than 55 hours of videos in the course. I will add more videos to the course regularly whenever there is a new update.

  • Can I apply for job offers after watching this course?

    It all depends on you. There are a lot of topics covered in the course, and if you watch and practice everything that is covered, yes you can create any kind of application that you want and apply for a lot of job offers. During the course, beside a lot of mini challenges, we will create 4 REAL WORLD applications together. You can use these applications in your portfolio when applying for job offers.

  • Any other questions?

    Ask them by sending an email to meisammansourzadeh@gmail.com

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